Central Asia

Kazakhstan / คาซัคสถาน

Republic of Kazakhstan

General Profile

Kazakhstan / คาซัคสถาน  

  • The 9th largest country in the world and the largest country in the Central Asia
  • 2.5% oil reserves of the world, expected to be one of the top ten world oil exporter in 2015
  • The moderate Muslim country influencing and playing significant roles in international politics with the chairman of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in January 2010 and the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) ministerial meeting in 2011

General information

   Area                              2,717,300 square kilometers (5 times of Thailand)
   Capital Astana
   Population                    17.7 million people (2013)
   Language                       Kazakh
   Religions                       Muslim (Sunni) 47%, Christian (Orthodox) 44%
   President                       Nursultan Nazarbayev
   Prime Minister               Serik Ahmetov
   Foreign Minister            Erlan A. Idissov
   Independence Day        December 16
   Thai-Kazakh Diplomatic Relation Foundation Day      July 6, 1992

Economy Information (2012)

   GDP                              $243.6 billion (Thailand: $369.3 billion)
   GDP per Capita            $14,100 (Thailand: $9,430)
   Real GDP Growth         5.9% (Thailand: 5.8%)
   Exchange rate              Tenge (kzt) (1 THB = 4.77 kzt) (Dec 2013)
   Reserves                      $29.33 billion (Thailand: $181 billion)
   Inflation rate               5.1% (Thailand: 3.0%)
   Natural resources        Oil and natural gas, minerals, chromium, iron, copper, gold,
                                        silver, uranium
   Industries Industries in energy mainly (the oil export value as over 60% of
                                the gross export value)
   Imports - commodities Machinery, metal, consumer products
   Imports - partners Russia, China, Germany
   Exports - commodities Oil, iron, chemical, machinery, cereals, wools
   Exports - partners China, Germany, Russia, Italy, France

Statistics of Thailand-Kazakhstan (2012)

   Trade value of Thailand-Kazakhstan $93.97 million (Thailand: export value
                                                                 $50.97 million, import value $43.00 million,
                                                                 overbalance value $7.96 million)
   Export products of Thailand         Washing and dry cleaning machines, air conditioners,
                                                         microwave ovens, cars, tobacco, canned seafood
   Import products from Kazakhstan    Iron and steel, metal ore
   Investment       N/A
   Tourism            50,310 Kazakh people to Thailand (2012)
   Thai people in Kazakhstan     266 Thai people registered, mostly as welders in Atyrau
   Visa                   Need to apply for visa
   Office of Thailand accredited to Kazakhstan     The Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow,
                                                                                the Russian Federation
   Office of Kazakhstan accredited to Thailand     The Embassy of the Republic of
                                                                                Kazakhstan in Bangkok

Central Asia Group, December 2013

Political Profile

Economical Profile


Consular Information

Agreements and Cooperation

  • Protocol on Cooperation between the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of The Kingdom of Thailand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Kazakhstan
    Date Signed 20 October 2004
  • Agreement on Cooperation between Board of Trade of Thailand and Union of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Date Signed 29 August 2003
  • Agreement on Air Services and Transport
    Date Signed 3 May 1996
  • Agreement on Establishment of Joint Commission for Bilateral Cooperation between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Date Signed 21 July 1993