Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan / คีร์กีซสถาน

Kyrgyz Republic

General Profile

Kyrgyzstan / คีร์กีซสถาน

  • The important strategic position of the United States of America and Russia with their military bases located inside
  • The resignation of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev due to the political unrest on 6-7 April 2010 and the establishment of the interim government with Roza Otunbayeva, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, as the leader
  • There was political unrest in 12 June 2010 in the south of the country; finally the government could control the situation but is still monitored by major powers and international organizations i.e. OSCE, UN, US and Russia
  • The country held the national referendum on 27 June, which had successfully accomplished and been admired by OSCE and the UN
General information

   Area                              198,500 square kilometers (1/3 of Thailand)
   Capital                           Bishkek
   Population                     5.58 million people (2012)
   Languages                     Kyrgyz, Russian
   Religions                       Muslim (Sunni) 75%, Russian (Orthodox) 20%
   President                      Almazbek Atambayev
   Prime Minister              Jantoro Satibaldiev
   Foreign Minister            Erlan Abdyldaev
   Independence Day        August 31
   Thai-Kyrgyzstani Diplomatic Relation Foundation Day      August 6, 1992

Economy Information (2012)

   GDP $5.8 billion (Thailand: $369.3 billion)
   GDP per Capita           $1,075 (Thailand: $4,719.8)
   Real GDP Growth        - 0.9% (Thailand: 5.8%)
   Exchange rate             som (KGS) (1 THB = 1.51 KGS) (Dec 2013)
   Reserves                     $1,703 million (Thailand: $181 billion)
   Inflation rate              2.8% (Thailand:3.0%)
   Natural resources       Water energy, gold, metal ore, coal, oil, natural gas, mercury, lead
   Industries                   Small machinery, textiles, processing food, cement, shoes, timber,
                                       refrigerators, furniture
   Imports - commodities      Oil, natural gas, machinery and equipment, chemical products,
                                              food, meat, tobacco, footwear
   Imports - partners China, Russia, Kazakhstan, the United States of America
   Exports - commodities Gold, mercury, uranium, natural gas, machinery, cotton, wool
   Exports - partners Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Afghanistan, China

Statistics of Thailand-Kyrgyz (2012)

   Trade value of Thailand-Kyrgyz $5.8million (Thailand: export value $0.6 million,
                                                           import value $5.2 million,
                                                           overbalance value $4.6 million )
   Export products of Thailand Clothing, textiles, machinery, ceramic products, jewelry
                                                      and accessory, Televisions
   Import products from Kyrgyz    Camera, lens and equipment for photo taking and film
                                                      making, computers and parts, electronic equipment
   Investment            N/A
   Tourism                 2,306 Kyrgyz people to Thailand
   Thai people in Kyrgyz             N/A
   Visa                 Need to apply for visa
   Office of Thailand accredited to Kyrgyz      The Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow,
                                                                         the Russian Federation
   Office of Kyrgyz accredited to Thailand      The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic
                                                                         in Malaysia

Central Asia Group, December 2013

Political Profile

Economical Profile


Agreements and Cooperation

  • Air Service Agreement
    Date Signed 2 July 2001